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Workers Compensation

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Workers Compensation coverage is an essential component of your insurance portfolio. Most states require employers to carry workers compensation coverage however those requirements can differ greatly between states. There are two main components to a workers compensation policy.

  • Workers Compensation – This portion of the workers compensation policy is unlimited and pays for employees who are injured while working.

  • Employers Liability – This portion of the workers compensation policy has limits which are shown on the declaration page of the policy. Typically, if an employer carries a workers compensation policy, employees cannot sue their employer if they are injured. Under the rare circumstances that an employer is sued, this portion of the policy protects the employer.


Some states allow owners of companies to exclude themselves from workers compensation under certain circumstances. A complete review of your workers compensation policy, disability policy and company structure is important when making this decision. JLK Group assists employers with making these important decisions and helps find the best protection for their businesses and employees.

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