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Home and Auto

Home and Auto insurance is something that most people are somewhat familiar with due to the massive amounts of discounted rate commercials on TV. Too often we get distracted by “15 minutes” here “10% there” “bundle” this “bundle” that; that we forget the reason why we are purchasing insurance in the first place. We don’t represent one company; we represent a variety of insurance carriers. Many of the insurance companies are good and have good rates, but something as simple as the county that you live in could mean a higher rate for you. Let us help you through the process of finding the right company for you and your family. 


It is important to make sure that your home, auto and other personal property are correctly protected with a trusted partner that you can build a long-term relationship with. The lowest price is not always best, but the best value is. We work to find the best value policy for you, so in the event of a loss you can rest easy knowing that your valuables are properly protected. That way you can get back to doing the things that really matter.

Yacht Deck
Yacht Deck
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Boating can be one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, and exhilarating past times. Whether it is taking the family out on a cruise or going fishing with friends, boating can be a lot of fun. The last thing that you think about is, “Do I have the proper insurance on my boat?” 


Boat insurance, in essence, combines a home and auto policy together. You have the injury liability while socializing and entertaining guest that you do with a home and combines it with the potential collision risk that you have with an auto policy. Just because you combine these two risks together, it doesn’t mean that you should be paying double or even more for the policy. It means that you want to be with the right carrier that understands the risks involved and the right agent that can give you the correct advice.  


If you would drive a car or own a home with no or little insurance, then you shouldn’t drive a boat without insurance either.

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Nautical Rope
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