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How to Avoid a Scary Homeowners Claim This Halloween


Trick-or-treaters aren’t the only spooky thing homeowners may see on Halloween. You also need to watch out forthe possibility of scary homeowners insurance claims.
Here are 13 precautions to make your home safe and hazard-free before little ghosts, witches, princesses and superheroes come calling.

1. Create a safe path.
Clear your walk, steps, porch and lawn of any tripping hazards (electric cords, hoses,potted plants, etc.). Move everything to a place where no one can accidentally stumble on them.
2. Repair hazards.
Fix wobbly or broken porch railings that could cause severe injuries if any trick-or-treater orguest leans on them a little too hard.
3. Survey your property.
Take some exterior photos of your property before trick-or-treaters start to arrive. Inthe event of an accident or vandalism, they can come in handy.
4. Secure pets.
The things that make Halloween fun for people – spooky noises and music, trick-or-treaters, andunusual lights and decorations – can make the holiday nerve-wracking for pets, which in turn can lead toaggressive or destructive behavior. Keep pets in a safe location away from the commotion.
5. Turn on the lights.
Keep your sidewalks and pathways well lit so everyone can see clearly where they arestepping.
6. Avoid homemade treats.
Many parents won’t let their kids eat non-prepackaged candy. Plus, labels thathave allergy warnings help prevent life-threatening reactions. Stick with the fun-size candies you can buy in bulk.

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