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OMS Gaurdian Third Quarter 2018

2018 Defense Counsel Seminar (OMSNIC Law School) Recap James Q. Swift, DDS - Chair of the OMSNIC Board

"For the past 26 years, OMSNIC has devoted substantial resources to host a biennial seminar in Chicago to educate our lawyers about the latest trends, problems and medical issues facing the OMS profession. It is a worthy investment, and our hand-picked defense attorneys come away from the two-day event with invaluable sightlines on how to protect you when confronted with the most challenging claims. Since the educational focus of this meeting is so profoundly based on OMSNICs unrivaled experience with OMS based claims and data, we decided that renaming the event to “OMSNIC Law School” (OLS) was fitting. The architect of OMSNIC Law School is the Claims Department, and the painstaking preparations for the event begin two years in advance. Countless hours are invested in the methodical review of data from claim files, Claims Committee reviews, internal department meetings, trials and closed file reviews to ensure that the most frequent and relevant claim threats are addressed. Speakers are selected with the objective of assembling thought-leading oral and maxillofacial surgeons, skilled lawyers and relevant litigation professionals, all of whom are firmly dedicated to defending the specialty. Indeed, for the first time, all of OMSNIC’s OMS Board Members participated in OLS, which highlighted the importance of the undertaking to the defense lawyer participants." 


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